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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: I don't have Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal account. How do I make an order?

At the moment we offer only transaction of money through credit card, debit card and PayPal which is well known global leader online payments that provides our customer to feel secure and convenient buying TermitesDIY box.

Q: Why was my credit card declined?
Credit cards may be declined for several reasons. First you need to verify the billing address you entered is the same exact address that you receive your credit card statement. Take a look at a recent credit card statement and verify that your mailing/billing address matches the one on the statement that your credit card company sends you.

payment using paypal ( with paypal account )
#choose box amount you want to order
#click Buy Now
#login to paypal
#confirm payment.

payment using credit card or visa electron( without paypal account )
#choose box amount you want to order
#click Buy Now then fill in you detail
#click review order and continue
#confirm payment amount and click confirm
Q: How long does it take to receive my order?
Orders are shipped within 2 and 5 work days. Shipments will reach most destinations within 7 to 14 work days after shipping (International).
Express will reach your address in 2 to 5 day. depend which country.
Q: How many box required for a standard double storey house?
We recommend using 3 to 5 TermiteDIY box depending how many termites mud tunnel/ road way found.
Note: If 1 termites road is found then usually 1 box is required.

Q: My house doesn’t have termites for now, can prevent it by using TermitesDIY baiting box?

TermitesDIY baiting system is design for only when termites mud tunnel / road way is found in your house

Q: I found termite in my garden papaya tree, can i use your system?

TermitesDIY baiting system is design for indoor and not advice using outdoor, because if the bait box hit by rain water or hot sun, then bait will become less effective.
Q: What happen if that the delivery to my house and I am not around ?

please click below link and paste your tracking code to check your parcel status:
for EMS Speed Post express courier: EMS Tracking
for Register airmail: Standard Tracking

Q: If I dispose the box after 21 days, found out the termites not eating the bait, then what should I do?
Do not worry as 98% of the termites will eat the bait, If this really happens where termites did not eat the bait. The bait can be re-use again where you just need to add another 5-6ml water again, and bait on the next termites mud hole/ road way. There could be chances of a previous termite's mud tunnel/ road way which is inactive. You may read further to understand Termites & Baiting again.
Q: Is the chemical harmful to children? Or causes allergy?
Chemical which TermitesDIY used for baiting system is low toxicity but should be carefully handled. Children should not be allowed to tamper the items in the box. The poison bait is safely packaged which should not be dangerous unless children tears the inner box where the chemical is in within each layers.
Q: If I open the plastic or I didn't use the bait how long can the bait last?

If the TermitesDIY box is open, use a rubber band to wrap it and put into a plastic bag. The bait can last for 2 years from the manufactured date which is stick on the plastic bag. Store TermitesDIY box in closed containers, in a cool, well ventilated area away from children, animal, food and feed stuffs. Do not store for prolonged periods in direct sunlight, rain or excessive temperature.

Q: Do you provide any warranty e.g. refund or additional free bait??
We do not provide warranty or refundable as this is a DIY system.
Q: Do the baiting box have expiry date?
Yes which you can refer to the sticker on the TermitesDIY box. ( 2 year from manufacture date )
Q: First aid for poisoning?
In case of poisoning, do not attempt an emetic (unless by doctor or medical practitional).
Send the affected person to hospital for symptomatic treatment.
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