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In tropical climate country, termite infestation is a very common problem. They are a major structural pest causing millions of dollar in damages and repairs to property owners annually. There are many owners who turns to companies which offers services of termites extermination,
but you can try TermitesDIY Colony Elimination Box which is similar to Sentricon System but with an affordable price.
Please read instruction paper before use our Termite Baiting System
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TermitesDIY colony elimination box, your affordable professional termite control for residential & commercial.
Why pay more on services when you can Do It Yourself!
By spending 5 to 10 minutes, you can save up to thousand ringgit in 4 simple steps.

Beware of Counterfeit/Fake Products
( we notice someone use our photo and design and sell online, They can copy our design but not formula, dont waste your money for fake product.) Original termitesdiy price are fix, please buy original
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4 simple steps to eliminate termite colony in 21 days
How it work: Sprinkle TermitesDIY bait with water and stick it along termite roadway. The bait will be carried back to the nest as a supply of food by
worker termites. Termites within the nest, including the queen will consume the poisoned bait as food, which will result in a complete elimination of the termite colony within 21days.
1.Found termites in house
  Don't panic, don't disturb or use any insect / bugs aerosol to spray the termites, and if this warning it's too late, then once again, don't be panic and get termitesDIY box anytime in the next week which is fine. While waiting for termitesDIY box within the week there will be little additional termite damage.
2. Sprinkle & Stick
  Once termitesDIY box deliver to your door step in 2 to 3 business day, open bottom of termitesDIY box, sprinkle the bait inside the box with water (5-6ml) and stick it along termites mud tunnels or roadway.
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3. Wait patiently
  Do not touch the termitesDIY box for the next 21 days once you stick it up, let the termites eat and share the poisoned bait with nest mates .
4. No more problem
  Unstick termitesDIY box after 21 days, you will see many part of the bait been consume, and you do not see any termites in the box, this mean you have already success eliminating the termite colony. Share your experience on termitesDIY colony elimination box with your friends, family and us
Note: If you found 2 or 3 termites roadway at different area of your house, get 2 or 3 termitesDIY box and stick along the different area to eliminate all colony completely in 21days.
If you are having termites problem in your house now.
Kill them all before they damage your property!
Share your experience on TermitesDIY colony elimination box with your friends, family and us
Remember do not waste thousand dollar for service that you can Do It Yourself with the same result
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Home Order, Delivery Info & Contact us Understand Termites & Baiting FAQ Testimonial
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